Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, a Winner.

I love movies but have a hard time actually watching them. It's mainly an issue of time I think. Nevertheless, we finally sat down and watched Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World last week.

I must be in the target demographic because I pretty much tracked with the movie note-for-note: video games, comic books, band angst (!), being a crappy boyfriend even though you want to be a nice guy (!!), gin & tonics. I was so-so on Michael Cera and not at all sold on Mary Elizabeth Winstead's character (f'ed up hair and skin weirded me out). But 30 minutes into the movie I was convinced and I ended up really enjoying how the writer and director handled their relationship. The fight scenes were also great.

When the movie came out several reviews focused on how the characters weren't likable but in rom-coms most of that stuff scales, right? The tension in most Rom-Coms comes from a misunderstanding that could be resolved with one or both of the characters being honest or serious character flaws stunting the relationship. There is obviously overlap: my character flaw is my inability to be honest.

Perhaps the characters were hard for someone over 40 to "get" but I don't see how they're any more unlikable than a couple in and other rom-com. Pretty early on they were having meaningful conversations about the relationship. I liked the bedroom seen after Romona says they won't have sex and Scott basically replies, "This is nice... I think this is something I needed." The catoonish fight scenes seem just as plausible as the romantic hurdles in Bridget Jones's Diary, Pretty Woman or Sex and the City.

I might even look to buy this movie when it comes out.