Strange and Boring Memories

I recently found an email that I sent out advertising a show for my old band H...N. It recounted a vivid dream that I had recently had. Overall it was pretty silly but I still think it was pretty clever to send.

From: H...N <>
Date: November 11, 2008 4:31:04 PM CST
Subject: h...n presents: strangest dreams vs boringest nightmare. club dada 11/17

Dear Diary,

Last night I had the strangest dream in the middle of the storm.

I looked out of my window into the back yard and there was a large black van backed up into the grass.   The grass was wet with rain and the van tires were already sinking into the sod.   I went outside to discover the van belonged to sorority girls doing all of our yardwork.  They were using pushmowers with oddly spiraling blades.  Before anything erotic could happen the sorority foreman appeared.  It was Ray Romano.  

Ray wanted to know how I liked the way my grass was growing in the front yard.  This was a trick question because as you'll no doubt remember I asked Ray to discontinue using the fancy fertilizer on my front lawn over a YEAR AGO.  Last month I noticed he had not stopped charging me for this.  I told him the yard was fine but hadn't I asked him to stop using that fancy fertilizer?  Ray insisted that this was the only way to get the grass to not look like shit.  Luckily for him the grass looked amazing.

The crew was wrapping up and as I walked towards the front of the house I noticed Ray's truck.  It was a white extended cab pickup.  On the side of the driver-side doors I saw several bible verses printed.  This is not uncommon in the south except they were verses I had never seen like Proverbs 45:35 "It is [said]" and another one I can't remember from the book of Japanese 13:10.  

I had just noticed that Ray's shiny truck was also a convertable and he was about to explain how it ran on "pedal-power" when my alarm went off.

Love, Non.

Nov. 17th Skeleton$ with Sydney Confirm, Florene & h…n
Club Dada All Ages $7 for 21+, $10 for under
Doors at 8pm

I also included the amazing flyer that someone (probably John) from Parade of Flesh put together for the show.