Calling a video game sexist for page views.

Ran across some obvious click-bait on today

The Most Sexist Video Game of All Time?

Sexism in video games (and tech culture) is a sad reality and I really appreciate folks like Anita Sarkeesian who are presenting thoughtful, nuanced opinions born out of a deep appreciation for video games and social justice. (I really can't speak highly enough of the work that Ms Sarkeesian is doing!) 

Unfortunately Auerbach's arguments are pretty weak-sauce. I agree that the cover of the game is fan service. But for a puzzle game/dating sim Catherine has a pretty interesting choice mechanic that impacts how the story plays out. The game has multiple good or bad endings. You can make various choices with the women in the game but all of the bad endings seem to involve indecision. That is, if there was a game-over scenario to this sort of game it would likely involve trying to play it safe.

Auerbach completely misses this. The crux of his critique is that the game is "male wish-fulfillment";  I kind of wonder if he saw the boobz on the cover and drew his conclusion without even playing the game. 

Throw in Betteridge's law and it just smells of lazy journalism.