Super Bowl 47 Fun

I am not a huge sports fan but I like hanging out with friends and honestly I'll take any excuse to eat hot wings. So when our friends and neighbors decided to host a small Super Bowl gathering it was a pretty easy sell.
In order to make things a bit more interesting I put together a small Super Bowl prop bet list. Prop (short for proposition) bets are based on certain events occurring or not occurring during the event. I thought they'd be fun because they're a lot easier for non-sport fans to figure out. So here's the list I printed out for everyone. In case you are wondering I got the questions from a few searches online - so I can't take credit for all of them.  
1.       Who will win the Game?  (Ravens/49ers)
2.       How long will It take Alicia Keys to sing the National Anthem? (Over 2:15/Under 2:15)
3.       Will the coin toss be heads or tails? (H/T)
4.       Which team will win the coin toss? (Ravens/49ers)
5.       Will Beyonce Be Joined By Jay Z on Stage During Superbowl Halftime Show? (Y/N)
6.       Beyonce's Hair Will Be… (Straight/Curly or Crimped)
7.       What color will the sport drink dumped on the winning team's coach be? (Orange/Green/Other)
8.       Total Field Goals (Over 3/Under 3)
9.       Will there be more than 3 total sacks in the game? (Y/N)
10.   What will The First Score of Super Bowl be? (Touchdown/Field Goal or Safety)
11.   First Baltimore Ravens Touchdown Will Be… (Pass/Run)
12.   First San Francisco 49ers Touchdown Will Be… (Pass/Run)
13.   Which player will Score the First Touchdown? (See player list)
14.   Total Number of lost fumbles in Super Bowl?
15.   Team To Reach 14 Points or More First in the Super Bowl? (Ravens/49ers)
16.   Team To Commit First Turnover of Super Bowl? (Ravens/49ers)
17.   Will Either Team Score Two Unanswered Times in Super Bowl 47? (Y/N)
18.   Will There Be a Second Half Lead Change in Super Bowl 47? (Y/N)
19.   Will There Be a Missed Extra Point in the Game? (Y/N)
20.   Will There Be a Score in the First 0:29 of Super Bowl 47? (Y/N)
21.   Will There Be a Score after the two-minute warning in the fourth quarter? (Y/N)
22.   Will the game's MVP be a quarterback (Y/N)
23.   Will Super Bowl go into double overtime? (Y/N)
24.   Your guess for total points scored by both teams:
(In case you were wondering the totals from the last three years were 38, 56, and 48)

I need to go back and write-in all the answers. I can tell you that I personally didn't do very well.