Blog Posts about Blog Posts are Boring; Lists are Not

It's so much easier to just make a list of things I've found interesting at my new job.
  1. There is no training. I met my recruiter on day one and she directed me in getting my temporary badge and escorted me to the department. I got to choose my cubicle and was escorted to the storage closet to find a computer. I put it together, installed the new OS, figured out what my login was, and got it on the domain. Two recently new hires gave me hints. It was like being inside a PC adventure game where you are stuck in a room and have to figure out what to do by randomly clicking on things, picking stuff up and giving it to strangers.
  2. This is not Microserfs. It's my favorite book and a large part of it takes place at Microsoft (circa 1993/4). I don't have my own office and I'm not coding full time so that's different. Don't let my first point fool you - EVERYONE HERE IS INCREDIBLY NICE. Literally 15 people have stopped by my desk to introduce themselves and offer their knowledge.
  3. Maybe this Microserfs. Everyone is so kind to me that I can't help but have that nice warm feelings for them. It's like reading the book (except I don't cry at the end - maybe at the end of my 12 month contract that will change. That could be awkward).
  4. Other similarities. Everyone is super into our technology. The campus has free coffee and drinks. There is a library in the other building where you can check out books for study and every time I walk over there I imagine that Bill Gates might be looking out of one of the windows judging any shortcut I might take (this will only make sense if you've read the book)
  5. Geek stuff. I fill out a quick web form and 10 minutes later someone has built a virtual machine for me. To my exact specifications. This won't make sense to everyone but most computer users know that just installing an operating system like windows XP takes an hour. So getting something like this in ten minutes is pretty impressive.

I'll probably think of some more stuff later.