Why Start-ups / Rock Bands fail

Why Start-ups / Rock Bands fail

Survivorship bias in the start-up world makes it difficult to learn from other people's mistakes.

Most advice you get comes from people who have overcome incredible odds and have also been extremely lucky. Success stories rarely seem to discuss higher than normal divorce rates among entrepreneurs or how most successful entrepreneurs rely on family or spouse to support them.

Rock bands are the same way.  You mostly hear from magical bands that have been very lucky, had solid connection and are mostly competent. You sometimes even hear about bands that were unsung in their day and are re-discovered later. You rarely hear about the bands that kick around their hometown for 15 years and for some reason or other fail to build a substantial following. 

5 Music Things I Like from 2012

Artist - Chairlift
Album - Something
Song - Amanaemonesia
Fun fact - It was great seeing them live in Dallas and watching her do the dance from the video. They also threatened to stop playing until the bartender turned off the Dallas Mavs game that was playing over the bar. Classic.

Artist - Santigold
Album - Master of My Make-Believe
Song - Disparate Youth

Artist - Big Boi
Album - Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors
Song - Mama Told Me

Artist - The Mountain Goats
Album - Transcendental Youth
Song - Cry For Judas
Lame Fact - I had tickets to see their show two weeks ago but was really sick and couldn't make it out.

Artist - Jens Lekman
Album - I Know What Love Isn't
Song - I Know What Love Isn't
Fun fact - He put on a great show in Dallas and my wife and I even got to meet him. He really liked my wife's cowboy boots and asked for a picture of their feet together. Check it out.

Honorable mentions:
Alt J - Obviously these guys have blown up this year. I heard them in a record store while fighting jet lag in downtown Dublin. Not only is that a very cool story but it was also one of those situations where you hear part of a song in the store and you immediately want to know who it is so you can buy it. Also this was May and the album hadn't been released in the states yet. Talk about triple coolness.

Biggest disappointments of the year: 
  • No new music from Faith No More
  • Das Racist announcing their breakup.